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The use of greeting cards has been around for many years and it has always been considered special because of the ideas it carries with it. Since there were birth dates, marriage and other matrimonial and family celebrations, festivals, and achievement moments, these cards had been used in the society. But today due to evolution in the digital technology messages through greeting cards have shifted to a different paradigm. The electronic greeting cards which are unique and modernextended version popularly known as the Group eCards are growing popularly. This article focuses on enhancing the knowledge regarding the group eCards starting from its historical background, their uses, functionalities present in the group eCards and its possible future scope.

The history of greeting card manufacturing

Traditional Greeting Cards

Conventionally, greeting card is a tangible object reflecting a type of ‘physical’ communication. The earliest recorded greeting card for human use was in 1910 when people started sending greeting messages as they prepared to welcome the new year. Manual cards using paper started circulating in Europe by the correct century while the production of cards for greetings as a business activity was initiated in the nineteenth century by the incorporation of postage marks.

The Advent of eCards

Thus, eCards appeared soon after the beginning the usage of Internet at the end of the twentieth century as an environment-freendly and comfort-oriented alternative to traditional paper cards. The early eCards were very dull and most of them could only drag and flick and had very simple and uncreative messages. Later on, progress to less expressed designs, a customized message part and inclusion of audio and video parts like music and videos.

With the onset of group eCards, one can only imagine what the next big thing in the eCard market will be.

The innovative idea of the group eCards has built up on the thought process of the traditional digital greeting card. While there are many types of eCards out there, many of which are actually used as individual greeting cards, a group eCard is one in which more than one person can write input on the particular card. Implementing this form of collaborative greeting cards is an interesting approach that turns these simple greeting cards into more personal and stimulating products.

The Mechanics of Group eCards

Creation and Customization

Creating a group eCard typically involves the following steps:Creating a group eCard typically involves the following steps:

Selection of Template: Firstly, users preselection of a template that matches the event. They include basic templates that are created with text and backgrounds up to the complex templates that use complex steps that include animations and multimedia content.

Inviting Contributors: The organizer then invites other to add more insights on the content of the card. Invitations can be communicated through email, through sharing links from social media platforms, or personal links.

Adding Messages and Media: Users can attach comments, photos, videos, and audios usually sharing a memorable moment or perhaps a special occasion. It will lead to the compilation of rather composite set of greetings and wishes with common factor being the collaboration from other party.

Final Touches: The organizer also is able to edit people’s contributions, thus making sure that the text flows nicely and the card looks uniform. In addition, there are some platforms that enable delivery of the card at a later date if wanted.

Sending the eCard: When completed, the group eCard is delivered to the chosen recipient with the opportunity to send it as an email or thanks to advanced technologies, print the card.

Benefits of Group eCards

Personalization and Creativity

Group eCards have high customization because the sender can specify the group of recipients. Since all the parties can pencil their imprint, the card becomes the sum total of everyone’s love and affection. The texts in Kahoots such as photos, videos, voice notes make it more interesting and animated than the use of conventional cards.

Environmental Impact

Compared to traditional eCards, Group eCards have least harm to the environment through elimination of pap, er and physical delivery. This is in par with the current conservation intake of environmental friendly products, and the quest to come up with better products with minimal environmental impact.

Convenience and Accessibility

A group eCard can be easily made and sent which makes it a very efficient way to give greeting. Members can contribute their messages from any part of the globe, which makes it more appropriate to be used to embrace ones/ loved ones who are far away. Further, digital delivery reinforces timeliness since the card can be delivered to the intended recipient as and when the card is to be sent, unlike when opting for physical mailing services.

Sending goodbye cards through not only simplifies the process but also ensures that your message is delivered with care and attention to detail.

Enhanced Emotional Impact

Not only does it increase the engagement and fun in using the eCards but also the collaborative nature of a group eCard can further the emotional benefit. Sometimes it is very warm for people to get a card filled with the messages of many individuals, rather than just a greeting from one person. Of course, there are positive social effects as well – for example, a collective action can create togetherness and encouragement.

The following are examples of group eCards that are appropriate for sending either to clients, employees, or business partners:

Corporate and Professional Settings

When it comes to using group eCards in the business arena, the applications are numerous; for instance, to acknowledge performance, to congratulate or to welcome, or even to bid a farewell to a leaving employee. They can also be incorporated within handling various tasks within a team, or as ways of creating a positive organizational culture.

Family and Social Celebrations

employer paid Group eCards are ideal during birthday, anniversary, holiday celebrations and other occasions. In a way, they give everyone a chance, regardless of whether they are a close-knitted family member from across the state, to give love and receive joy. Students, teachers, social associations and clubs can also take advantage in group eCards as a tool in marking triumphs or special occasions.

Educational and Community Organizations

Educational institutions and other institutions or companies involved with or attached to schools should send group eCards to school children and members of the community to be used in observing special occasions, achievements, or recognizing especially workers or volunteers. For instance, a class preparing for an examination can build a group eCard for their teacher or a community group preparing a party can design a card to acknowledge the effort of a volunteer.

Since group eCards will not change much within the next year, it is important for companies to focus on other aspects of transformation.

Integration with Emerging Technologies

Based on the case study of Group eCards, its future is inextricably linked with the future technology. Social media advertising can bring the experience of receiving a card to a completely new level based on virtual reality (VR) applications and augmented reality (AR). For instance, instead of sending the usual eCard that opens to a series of messages and photos, one can design a VR eCard where the recipient could ‘walk through’ a gallery. For a a more unique experience one could design an AR eCard where animations jump off the physical space into the real world.

AI and Personalization

Personalized group eCards can also be improved with the help of another feature, artificial intelligence (AI). These include preemptive determination of the themes, designs or messages that will be most relevant to the recipient based on previous communication. Such individualisation can make the card more unique and personal and cater for the different preferences of the receiver.


They are an upgraded version of conventional greeting cards and are greatly preferred for being even more unique than the traditional cards, yet as convenient as digital pictures and messages. This feature not only helps to convey a more appeal to the card, but it also emphasizes the united people ‘s joyful moment. In the future social technological advancement is ever constant and therefore group eCards will reach newer heights and thus have even more unique features of passing on our regards to our loved ones.

Standing still for a moment amidst the growing world of networking platforms, it is still critical to emphasize the relevance of personal relationships. Group eCards can allow friends and family to contribute towards a more joyful and sustainable approach to share life experiences’ achievements regardless of distance. In the future, group eCards will likely continue to be a necessary part of the emotional relation between individuals.

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