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New Zealand is a very small country in the Oceania region which is very peaceful place with a very happy and positive environment for people who live there. It is opted by students of many nations to study and build their career due to good standard of living and a healthy atmosphere for immigrants. If you have wish to go to New Zealand as a student then you must know about the types of student visas the country offers to international students. You can check about that online, however, the better way is to contact the Best New Zealand Student Visa Consultant.

Any good New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh will be able to give you the correct details about the types of visas that New Zealand provides to students; here is the brief account of that for you:

Visitor Visa: The New Zealand Government offers visitor visa to the students where a person cannot work but study for 3 months. This visa is usually for 6 months with multiple entries or 9 months with single entry.

Fee Paying Student Visa: This is the main student visa which is for a person who wishes to pursue a college or university course by paying complete cost of the course. The visa here is for the full time of the course. Also, the enrolment should be in an approved education provider.

Exchange Student Visa: As the name suggests, this is the visa which is for people under approved student exchange scheme, it is for four years. If you are accepted for such an exchange program and need to go to NZ for this then you should apply for this. You do not have to pay any fee here as you are considered as a domestic student there but you have to be outside NZ for doing that.

MFAT-funded NZ Scholarship Student Visa: If you have received scholarship from the Education New Zealand or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade then you need to apply this type of visa. The length of this is 4 years but you cannot include your spouse of children in the application.

Dependent Children Student Visa: This is for the children who are dependent on a work or student visa holder. It allows the children to get educated in primary and secondary school. The length of the visa will be till the time the parent has the visa. Also, the parent in NZ must be on the approved student exchange program for doing PhD in a NZ university or has a NZ aid program scholarship.

Vocational Trainee Student Visa: It is understood that it is for short term vocational training in New Zealand. For this you must have received short term scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. To apply for this you need to secure a place in Manukau Polytechnic. You can stay for the length of the program for nautical students or up to twelve months for others.

Pathways Student Visa: This visa is required if you want to pursue three courses back to back in NZ on the same visa. You need to have funds and Pathway student visa place in the educational institution. This is given for up to 5 years. 

Foreign Govt. Supported Student Visa: If you have scholarship to support your education from your country’s government then you should apply for this type of student visa to study for more than 3 months. It is awarded for 4 years. Your government needs to have an education agreement with New Zealand for this.

Working Holiday Visa: This is the kind of visa that allows you to study for 3 months while you are on holiday in New Zealand. You can also work with this visa while holidaying. It is awarded to the citizens of 45 countries including Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Argentina, Brazil etc.

By going through the variety of student visas available for you in New Zealand, it is clear why you should pick the best New Zealand Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh so that you are guided correctly and are not mislead. Also, they are the experts in the visa filing procedure and the immigration laws of New Zealand that is the reason this is the right way forward for you.

The best study visa consultant for New Zealand in Chandigarh.

People have been dreaming to study abroad since ages but only a few affluent and fortunate ones could only succeed. It was not everybody’s cup of tea back then, however, the time has changed and now a common can also dream about it and live that life which was only a thought once upon a time. Earlier, people just used to go to a few countries to study as they were only aware of them like UK or other European countries but now due to globalisation there is more awareness about numerous countries offering exceptional education and welcoming international students as it is symbiotic.

The students get good educational and career opportunities while the country gains money and sharp minds which is useful for the holistic growth of the nation. In this contemporary time, students are exploring options available everywhere and the faraway places like New Zealand are also not beyond their reach. There are a lot of Indians who migrate to New Zealand to study various subjects like Medicine, Engineering, English and many more. The reason for this choice is the welcoming nature of the people and the authorities. Also, it is a very safe and peaceful place with high rank on the happiness index.

If you have also dreamt about getting educated in NZ then do not sit on it, make contact with the Best New Zealand Study Visa Consultant and begin the process. Although you can do it yourself too but it will not be easy and you might get stuck at many places. It is always advised that you take the help of a professional who could make the process easy and successful for you. If possible you should reach out to the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh (Abroad Gateway) as they have exceptional success rate. Let us see what it can offer you being its client:

Vast Practical Experience: Practical experience is valued and respected most in any field as it is learned through doing things in the real scenario. Anyone can study about anything and gain knowledge about the policies and procedures involved in immigration process but it cannot guarantee success because to achieve that one needs to know how things happen in reality. This is what you will have when you contact Abroad Gateway’s visa team. They have been in this industry for a long time now which has put forward all types of situations and scenarios in front of them making them experts in this process.

Complete Accountability: If you choose the team Abroad Gateway, you are choosing a trustworthy and reliable consultancy which takes complete accountability of the whole study visa application process, right from getting you the offer of place from an approved education provider to making travel arrangements for your safe and timely departure from the home country.

  1. As they have extensive knowledge about the colleges and universities, they are able to offer you some of the best options considering your interest and future career growth.
  2. Once you have made your choice, they will let you know about the documents that are needed to apply to the University for securing a place for you which includes your scorecard of previous qualification, IELTS or PTE score, proof of funds, SOP etc.
  3. After the receipt of the offer of place from a university, they proceed with submission of the visa application form online attaching all the necessary documents.
  4. You are required to make the necessary payments as per the demand of the process. They do not charge you anything for themselves.
  5. When your visa is approved and you get the passport with that, this New Zealand Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh will help you to plan your travel as well because they know better what needs to be done before and after flying out to NZ.

Step by step update of the actions: What makes visa applicants trust Abroad Gateway is the clear, accurate and timely update about every step taken and progress made so that the clients are always aware about the process. This is extremely important because a lot of emotions, hopes and money are at stake here.

Honesty is their policy: Abroad Gateway is the best New Zealand study visa consultant in Chandigarh because of all the above discussed reasons along with their honesty which is rare in the immigration industry. This sector has high competition and that is why it is full of fraudulent consultants which make fool of people. That is why it is suggested that you come straight to the best so that you are in the safe hands.

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