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The city beautiful, Chandigarh is the land of opportunities for students across the north India to migrate to another country for higher education. Aspirants from many states come to the city to fulfil this dream because it has some reputed English language coaching institutes which help them clear the proficiency tests (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc.) with desired scores. Once they accomplish this, the next step is to apply for the student visa. For this it is imperative that you find a study visa consultant in Chandigarh which has plethora of organizations offering this service. The challenging part is that you just do not need any student visa consultant but you require, if not the best, at least a good study visa consultant in Chandigarh which is like finding a needle in the haystack. Let’s see how this can be done:

Research about the most popular and successful Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

  • Check the ratings & review

The process of finding a suitable Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh begins with researching about the popular and successful consultants on internet and other platforms like newspaper or TV. It is important that you check the ratings given to them by the clients and then read all the reviews uploaded by their customers. This will give you the idea about the ones which are worth exploring further, shortlist them based on your understanding.

  • Visit the website

The next stage is to visit the websites of the shortlisted ones only. When you visit the website, make sure to read about the founders and directors of the organization as it will tell you a lot about the values the organization has which will give you the confidence to trust them or not.

  • Additional Services offered by them

It is important that you also check on the website the additional services they offer to their client. These are really important because most of the time an aspirant has to do the running around for other aspects like funds or gaps in education and many more.

  • Check Testimonials

Do check the testimonials of their clients on their website or other social media platforms like facebook or Instagram. It will help you a lot in deciding the one that is most suitable for you.

Know what qualities a good study visa consultant should possess

  • Knowledge of the available courses in various universities abroad

You must know whether your study visa consultant has complete knowledge of all the courses available in each field in various countries because then only they can offer you a great range to choose from. Also, they should have the expertise to match your preferences with the best available options.

  • Awareness of the trends in the current job market

A good study visa consultant must be aware of the trends of the job-market on the real time basis so that they can suggest you the field and the university which will be most promising for you to have a successful career, after all you are going abroad to study to have a good professional life and career.

  • Detailed knowledge of the application process
  • Application process to get the admission offer letter from the University

The initial step of the process is to apply to the selected universities to get the admission offer letter which is a very crucial step. For this, it is really important that the consultant knows the documents that are needed to be attached with the application like the proof of funds, student’s previous scores, a well written SOP (consultant should be able to either guide you to write this or write it themselves), recommendation letters needed and others if any.

A good student visa consultant will know which college or university will provide admission offer letter in the given time frame (as per the time left for the intake). There are universities which take more time for that and some offer it within 10 days, therefore it is practical to apply to places which can provide it in the available time. Also, many people just know that they need to get the admission in public university or college but an efficient consultant knows that a private university is as good as the public if it is DLI approved.  

Another aspect which is rather very significant is the score- the IELTS band score as well as the scores in the previous qualification. If you have the desired score, then it is quite easy to get the admission offer letter but what if the scores are a little less. A competent consultant will have the knowledge about the institutes which offer enrolment to students with less score because sometimes the marks do not reflect the true capabilities of a person. For example, in the Manitoba province of Canada, Winnipeg is a very cold place and less number of people choose it to study due to cold, therefore it offers the admission to students with low scores as well in its reputed educational institutions.

  • Application Process for Visa in the Embassy

Once you get the offer letter for the admission by the university you have applied for, the next step is to submit the visa application in the embassy. If your study visa consultant is really experienced, then he or she must know how to present the required documents along with the application form and how to write the SOP for the embassy to convince them of your reason to go abroad.

Also, a good study visa consultant knows whether your application will be considered SDS or Non-SDS, there are high chances of the SDS case to get the visa, however, for Non-SDS the chances are around 50%. If you are unable to meet the three main criteria – one year’s fee, GIC amount and desired IELTS bands, then your file will automatically fall under the category of Non-SDS which takes long time to get processed for visa. A proficient student visa counsellor knows the latest updates related to this as they are a part of IRCC.

  • Must be proactive & transparent

The best student visa consultant in Chandigarh will be proactive enough to get the updates on the status of the application as they communicate with the respective university representatives on regular basis and keep the client also updated about the proceedings so that you are aware about it.

  • Customer centricity

Being customer centric the vital here because as a customer you rest your faith on their professional hands and expect that they will do everything possible to get you the visa for the desired country for you.

The Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh which has all these qualities is the one you should choose for your journey. Nevertheless, let’s cut this short and tell you the one which has all of the above – Abroad Gateway which is in sector 42 C, Chandigarh, you are most welcome to contact them if you have made up your mind to go abroad.

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