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Living alone in a foreign land is truly challenging because as human we all need our near and dear ones around us to share all our emotions and feelings like happiness, sorrows and may others. However, most of the people who plan to go abroad to get educated for a better future have to live without anyone from the family which sometimes makes it very difficult to live and achieve the goal for which they are there.  Keeping that in mind the Canadian authorities have made provisions for international students who are married to bring their spouse along with them so that they can live together while he or she is completing their course.  During this period if the spouse wishes to work then they should have the permission for that too. Not many visa agents know about it in depth as not all of them deal with it. Therefore, you must contact a Canadian open work permit visa consultant like Abroad Gateway which is in Chandigarh which could answer all your questions and assist you to get the Spouse visa with the open work permit.

Let us now know how one can apply for the open work permit for a spouse in Canada:

  1. The process initiates with gathering all the knowledge about the eligibility criteria for that as there are certain conditions for this which the Canadian keeps on revising. As per the recent changes made by the authorities, the students who are going to Canada for their Masters and Doctoral programs or doing Medicine and Law are only eligible to take their spouse. This rule is currently for two years and will be revised. An updated Spouse Visa Consultant will definitely know about such important information which is pivotal to the process.
  2. The spouse visa comes with an open work permit, therefore you do not have to apply for it separately. As per the policy, the spouse can work for any employer and is not restricted to work in only few specific ones, though these needs to be the valid ones which are registered. In no case the spouse can work for any employer who is not authorized or involved works like escort services or prostitution.
  3. The most important aspect here are the documents which include the educational certificates, proof of funds, joint bank accounts, passport, wedding certificate and Relationship letter. The last one is the most important one as it is needed to convince the visa officer about the relationship status. This needs to be well written giving all the necessary details. The relationship letter must be supported by the pictures, screenshots of the video calls or chats, details of any holiday spent together etcetera which can confirm that two of them are legally related and share a strong bond.
  4. Once all of that is ready, the form can be filled on the website or portal of the embassy and submitted with all the documents and evidences while also paying the fee for that. You need to get the biometrics registration done before that as well.
  5. Post this you just need to wait and if asked by the embassy, attend the interview with the visa officer. Once that is done, you have to wait for the decision of the Canadian authorities on your spouse visa approval. If it is approved, you will get the stamped passport through mail.

For great chances of success it is crucial that you hire a competent Canadian open work permit visa consultants knowing the importance of all the relevant documents and procedure. The success depends upon how the documents are presented in front of the visa officer and how well can they express the need for the spouse visa and genuineness of the applicant. It is suggested that you choose your visa consultant with care, the perfect one ought to be reliable, empathetic, resourceful and must respect your privacy at all times, especially while handling the personal information like the pictures and screenshots of the chats and all such documents which are a private affair for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit Abroad Gateway which is in sector 42, Chandigarh. This consultancy has successfully applied for the spouse visa for its clients maintaining high morality and ethics.

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