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Chandigarh is the first architecturally designed city of the independent India which was made with the vision of building a city of dreams for Indians which could be the working capital of the nation for educated and progressive class. This might be the reason many people have gone abroad from here in the past to grow in life, either for educational growth or career growth or for business. Witnessing the success of these individuals, more and more people from other places close to Chandigarh have started following this trend and now a big number of them come to the city to make their dream of going overseas a reality which has given rise to the booming immigration industry. Following is the list of some of the renowned Visa Consultants in Chandigarh.

  • Abroad Gateway
  • Skyline Immigration Consultants
  • Global Migration Expert
  • Flytouch Immigrations
  • Sunrise Immigration

Above mentioned names are some of the good market players and the Best immigration consultant in Chandigarh is at the top of it – Abroad Gateway. This consultancy has been serving its clients for more than a decade and has a commendable record for that but that is not enough for anyone to hire them as their agents, therefore, lets dig deep into the qualities it has which make it outstanding:

  1. Credentials: The highly competitive and unorganized immigration sector has a lot of firms which claim to be genuine but are not and this industry has gained a lot of negative publicity due to that. Therefore, it is needed that you check the credentials of the firm you choose as your visa agent. Abroad Gateway is a registered visa consultancy firm in Chandigarh, India and is approved by the government of India to provide consultation about the visa application.
  2. Good Reputation: The proven track record of Abroad Gateway has earned the reputation for it to be the top immigration consultant in Chandigarh. The organization has successfully applied and obtained the various kinds of visa for its clients, it has rendered its services to more than 3000 of its customers. To check that you can check the feedback videos of their clients and review uploaded by them on various social media platforms.
  3. Professionalism in conduct: The team at Abroad Gateway is very professional in its conduct and treats each case equally. When you meet the visa counselors of this consultancy, you will find that they are very cordial and polite. They have an organized way of working which is designed in favor of their clients so that they are completely satisfied and happy.
  4. Communication Skills: Communication is the key differentiator between the best and the rest in this highly competitive world. That is why it is crucial that the communication between the counselors and clients is clear. The team Abroad Gateway ensures that there is no gap in the communication from their side. They speak the language of their clients so that they are able to comprehend what the counsellors are saying. They do not use technical words or professional jargons of the industry because a common person will not know that. They explain these to the clients and then use it wherever applicable.
  5. Attention to detail: It is vital that your consultant listens to all the information provided by you carefully paying attention to each minute detail because even a small one could make a big difference. It is a common picture that when you meet a consultant, he or she talks too much, sometimes over you and does not let you speak. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding and issues between both the parties, thus the staff here first actively listens to you so that they can understand what you want which is most important.
  6. Fee structure & transparency: It is extremely pivotal for anyone to be very transparent about the money matters in life to avoid unnecessary issues. Hence, this consultancy provides you the clear fee structure of the amount they charge their client because the amount varies depending upon the case. For instance; if you got a refusal once and now you have come to them to apply for it again then it is obvious that the fee will be little more.
  7. Responsiveness: The biggest complaint people have from the visa consultants is that they are not very responsive and they have to run after them to get the work done but that is not the case with this firm. They are proactive and keep you informed about the progress at each step. They are always available to discuss anything important regarding the visa application.

All these key qualities make Abroad Gateway the Top Visa Consultant in Chandigarh for you. So, if you have decided to move ahead in this regard then pick up the phone ad quickly contact them.

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