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Being student if you have make up your mind to move abroad for higher studies, it is necessary to hire the best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh especially if you are living in Chandigarh or somewhere around Chandigarh. A study visa consultant can help you by giving you write guidance at every step such from selecting the location to move to arrive at that location only an experienced international study visa consultant can help you achieve the milestones of your abroad academic journey. There are some major services which is providing by a study visa consultant in Chandigarh which is none other than abroad gateway.

Profile assessment: Firstly, a Study Visa Consultant will access your file in detail to give you right guidance such as by understanding your profile he came to know that what you have done in your education in your home country what course you should select to pursue your education in overseas.

Country to Choose: In this your consultant will guide you which country is best for you to move abroad   according to your profile such as if you have completed your education in the hospitality your consultant will tell you to choose Vancouver and if you have completed your education in the Information technology you should opt for Alberta in Canada this was just an example to make you understand to how to choose particular location in the specific country. Moreover, as per your profile and skills your consultant will guide you to choose the best country such as if you have learnt the German language as an add on with your studies you should choose Germany similarly if you can speak French language you should choose Canada to move. Only your study visa consultant can guide that which would be best country for you.

Selecting University: In this, your study visa consultant will help you to select the best university for you as before selecting any university he will give some parameters by which you can get the idea that the services which you want being an international student university is providing or not services such as work permit, scholarships, IELTS waivers and so on. If university has all of the parameters which you want, you can select this university.

Selecting course: This would be the another factor in which your international study visa consultant will help you by suggesting you that which course you should choose as course should be of high in demand and leading course so that after completing this course you can get the white collar jobs easily and choose the course which will give you the education points at the time when you apply for the PR. Moreover, the course should be linked with your previous studies, if there will be no link, you might face refusal or rejection.

Documentation: In this your study visa consultant will tell you which documents you need to arrange to apply for the students and also how to manage these documents with the technicalities which your n need to take care while preparing your documents. Documents should be in the sequence or the order as per university and embassy norms.

Aware you about the intake openings: In this your consultant will aware you about the intake openings in advance so that you will not miss the important in take such as he will tell you that you are appearing for IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh and it will take time then you can appear for the duo lingo exam to secure your seat for the specific intake and when you get the result of IELTS exam you can attach the TRF with the rest of documents.

Deadlines of the universities: In this Universities have different deadlines for the different formalities such as you need to deposit the fee before the last date and need register yourself for the intake before it closes all the above information provide by your consultant.

An effective SOP:  SOP stands for statement of purpose which you need to specify the statement of the purpose for which you are moving to abroad. Your consultant need to be expertise in writing an effective SOP as different students have different purpose to move abroad your consultant need represent it in a well manner.

Extra skills: In this your consultant will tell you the extra skills you can learn from the country which will be beneficial for you during your academic journey as this help you to get the part-time job in the abroad easily for example you did some course of cookery from your home will help you get the part- time job in a restaurant. Moreover, if you get your visa earlier you can do the language course such as if you are moving to Canada you can learn the French language as French is second language spoken in Canada.

How to choose the right abroad university consultant in Chandigarh?

If you are a student and you have decided to move abroad for higher studies, you need to consult with abroad university consultant in Chandigarh if you are living in Chandigarh as Abroad Gateway is one of the Best Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh. Your consultant will guide you after studying your profile to determine which university is best for you. To identify the best university for you need to go through a checklist:

Location of the university: In this, your consultant will guide you on which location the university you should opt for as this would be the one of major factors of your academic journey which might affect your journey if you choose the wrong location. The university should be in the heart of the city where you can get everything easily such as accommodation, a part-time job and so on. Moreover, if the university is in the centre of the town it must be one of the reputed universities, once you complete your studies at this university you will get the education points when you apply for the PR and numerous job opportunities.

University success rate: If you are going to select a university you need to check the success rate of the university every year university generates positive results or not. Moreover, the university should have a 100% success rate and positive feedback in this you just need to check whether that university has lived up to its hype or not.

Public or private university: You should give priority to the universities which are public means government funded these universities provide services at economical prices such as they are providing the same course at half of the prices which other universities offer at double prices. Moreover, these universities provide extra benefits to the students.

University Rating and Reviews: Before selecting any university you need to check the ratings and reviews on Google of that university so that you can get an idea about the Services the University is providing such as quality of the education. By checking ratings, you can easily get an idea about the quality of the education the university is providing and how much students are satisfied with the quality of the education they are providing.

Courses provided by the university: Before selecting any university you need to check online that universities are providing which kind of courses they are providing courses which are in demand we need to enquire from the university or we can check from the university website. Moreover, you need to check the duration of the courses and compare it with the other universities so that you can decide in which university you should opt for which course.

Scholarships provided by the university: Being an international student you need to enquire from the university whether the university is providing scholarships or not and if they are providing then how much fee reduction is possible under this scholarship program. Most universities provide scholarships from 10 % to 50% which means you can get a fee reduction from 10 % to 50% to half of the fee can be reduced which varies from university to university.

Submission of the fee: You need to enquire about what is university criteria for the fee submission being an international student it will help you some universities allow you to submit in instalments but some have clear restrictions to submit the full fee before flying. So according to your financial status, you can choose the university.

IELTS waiver facility: Some universities give IELTS waivers to students they give admission to students without IELTS if they have good academic scores overall or specifically in English subject. Moreover, some universities provide admission based on the MOI which stands for the medium of understanding, it means universities say that if students have good academic scores and have a certificate that states that the medium of understanding during their studies was English they can get admission in our university.

Language proficiency test requirements: Before selecting any university you need to make sure that what Language proficiency test requirements you need to fulfil to get admission in that particular university.

Work permit facility: In this, you need to enquire whether the university provides the work permit facility or not after completing studies as it varies from university to university. Being an international student you need it so it’s better to enquire about this before selecting any university.

Placement rate: In this, you need to check the placement rate of the university as you need to enquire which companies are coming for the placements to the universities and how many students got selected every year in this manner you can secure your future if the placement rate is high.

Co-op facility: This would be another major aspect which you need to enquire about the co-op facility which means internship most of the universities provide this facility but in some universities, it is paid and for some, it is free of cost. It will be very beneficial for you as completing your studies employers will consider co-op as experience.

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