Study visa is the kind of visa that you need if you want to travel abroad to get educated in one of the foreign universities and hence is the most popular one among the youth. Many Indian students wish to go to various developed countries to acquire degrees in courses popular in their respective fields. As it is a complex and long process, it is advised that you consult a good Study Visa Consultant for this. Chandigarh is the city beautiful and a dream destination for people who wish to apply for visa to go abroad because you can get the best study visa consultants here. Following are some of the good Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh:

  • Abroad Gateway
  • Charms Education
  • Quest Immigration
  • Kingsway Immigration
  • Hallmark

Abroad Gateway:

Located in sector 42 of Chandigarh, this consultancy firm offers its services for all kinds of visa, be it study visa, PR visa, spouse visa, tourist visa or visitor visa. It has established itself as the Best study visa consultant in Chandigarh by providing quality service to all the clients who choose them as their agent.

Ample Knowledge of the available educational institutes:

Having detailed knowledge about the various courses and programs is essential to be the best study visa consultant in Chandigarh or anywhere else and that is one of the great qualities of Abroad Gateway. Every nation has reputed universities which are known for some or the other subject, a knowledgeable consultant knows which educational institute is better for which subject keeping in mind the future prospects of their client. For example; Humber College is best for the poly-technique education which teaches theory along with the practical implementation and leads to great job opportunities post completion of the course.

Vast Experience:

Abroad Gateway has vast experience in getting student visa for its clients and is doing this for more than a decade now. During this period, it had helped thousands of the students get the study visa for their preferred country for their preferred program. This experience is beneficial for the customers as every nation has its own pros and cons and to make a wise decision. It is necessary that your visa agent explains the positives and negatives of a place, university or country so that you can see things in bright light.


It comes as an added merit of contacting Abroad Gateway as student visa agent that it can provide you best possible training to prepare for the English language tests which is mandatory to apply for the visa to any native English speaking country. They have expert, experienced trainers which will ensure best preparation for you to clear the exam with the desired scores.

Thorough Knowledge of application process:

As the Best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, this consultancy is thorough with the application process to get the visa for different countries. So that their clients get admission in their favourite university, the visa counsellors of this place write the SOP themselves for them, unlike others which only copy and paste the SOPs available on the internet. It is extremely important that it is free from any plagiarism and that is why writing it from scratch keeping in mind the important aspects is the best option. The Statement of Purpose is not only written to get the offer letter from the university but also written for the embassy sometimes while applying for the visa.

Also, they understand that sometimes due to lack of good scores in the school exam or English proficiency tests many youngsters lose hope to go overseas for higher education. The Best Immigration Consultant in Chandigarh will be able to offer options to them as well, for example; University of Alberta or Brock University.

Guidance related to Work Permit:

In many nations international students are allowed to work along with study because they need to earn extra money to cover their living expenses and as a student visa applicant you need to know the eligibility criteria and laws related to that. The visa counsellors in Abroad Gateway are able to guide you about this. Also, on completion of the course you can apply for the work permit to be able to work in your field to acquired relative experience which will be a great to have a fruitful professional life.

Which is the best company for student visa?

There are ample of options available for an individual to apply for study visa in Chandigarh which is great but gives rise to a lot of confusion. It usually becomes a big task to find the Best Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh because all of them claim to be the best which cannot be true. Here are some of the credible student visa agents in Chandigarh:

  1. Abroad Gateway
  2. Fly touch Overseas
  3. Charms
  4. IBT Overseas
  5. Dolphin Head Hunters
  6. British IELTS
  7. Skyline Immigrations
  8. Western Overseas
  9. New Cambridge College
  10. Landmark

Abroad Gateway:

Abroad Gateway has made its presence felt in the immigration industry for almost a decade now and is going great owing to the exceptional services provided to all its clients. In this era of cut throat competition, thriving for so long is definitely not easy but this consultancy made it possible due to the determination and honest efforts of its employees. It was able to increase its clientele over the years through word of mouth which is really commendable in this fast changing world. If you are reading this then it means that you are looking for the Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, so let us make it clear why it should be your first choice.

Comprehensive Information of Educational Institutes Overseas:

The first and most prominent quality of any visa agent is the amount of knowledge he or she has about the courses available in universities across the globe so that the best options could be offered to the student visa aspirants. The visa counsellors of Abroad Gateway possess extensive knowledge about the reputation of colleges or educational institutions for each field of education so that the best guidance is provided to the visa applicant because various countries have reputed universities which offer courses in many fields but not all have same recognition for a particular subject. For instance, the University of Toronto or University of Montreal are the best one for Computer Science in Canada.  

Practical Career Guidance: Education is the foundation of the career, for a flourishing career it is utmost important that you have the best education possible. That is why the education should be pursued in the subjects as per the demand of the employment market. The best student visa agents in Chandigarh – Abroad Gateway guide the clients well to choose the best course and university which have better scope professionally in future.

Great Exposure of Student Visa Process: The complex process of student visa application is a challenge for people to understand and follow but the team Abroad Gateway is able to make it simple and easy for you to know what and how things are done due to the great exposure to these processes that they had while working on different types of visa cases over the years. This rich experience has made them more resourceful as they are aware of the complete know-how of the student visa procedure for all the preferred countries.    

Good Interpersonal Skills: Being able to connect well with the clients makes Abroad Gateway the best student visa agent in Chandigarh. The employees have great people skills and social skills. They are able to understand their clients’ circumstances and personal choices extremely well which is why they suggest the best options and offer extra services to help them out. They do not leave any stone unturned to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Clear Communication: Clarity and transparency about the policies, processes and actionable is greatly appreciated by everyone and that is what you always get from the visa team of the Abroad Gateway. They believe that clear communication is the basic right of their clients and it is their responsibility, which is the reason they ensure that the applicants are always informed about the progress of their application so that they can be at peace and do not worry unnecessarily.

Advanced Preparation of English Language Skills: Abroad Gateway is not like other student visa consultants which deal with only that as it also provides the best IELTS or other English language tests coaching to prepare the aspirant to crack these test in one go. The team of highly efficient and competent teachers at AG teach all the skills required along with rigorous practice to ensure the success in the aim.

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