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Studying abroad is a great opportunity for the students who want to have a better life in future, for this they have to try hard and invest funds at present which a large number of them do but only a few lucky ones achieve this goal. There are some reasons for that like not having enough funds or enough scores for the desired course and others, however the major one is not being able to find the best study visa consultant. A lot of students come to Chandigarh every year to get the coaching to clear IELTS exams and then apply for student visa and fly out to their preferred country to study but only the ones which meet a good Study Abroad Consultant in Chandigarh, go to their study destination. Let’s talk about the best one in the city which is able to make your dream come true.

Abroad Gateway

When you search on the google for a good Study Abroad Consultant in Chandigarh, you come across many names as there are a lot of them. It is utmost important for you to choose the one which is actually GOOD. Abroad Gateway is one such place which justifies its name, it is truly your gateway to go abroad. Not only the name but their mission is also to be the gateway for many aspirants to have a better future without hassles. The higher management of the organization has made sure that they have the best visa consultants and that their consultants have all the possible support so that no client is unhappy. Let’s have a look at the key quality indicators of Abroad Gateway:

Client Oriented Approach: The organization is extremely customer oriented as it believes that “customer is God” and no one disrespects the God. This is the motto of the whole team here. They listen to all the concerns and preferences of the client patiently and then work on each case separately, giving personal attention to it. Due to this they provide all the information to their clients and be with them from the beginning till the end of this long process. You can visit their social media accounts to view the testimonials of the happy clients. They also share the difficult cases over their social media platform which clearly tells how far they go to make fulfill the dreams of their customers.

Deep Knowledge: Having correct and in-depth knowledge of the field you are in is extremely important and that is the reason why the visa counsellors in Abroad Gateway have huge knowledge related to their sector.

  1. Application process: The visa counsellors in Abroad Gateway have detailed knowledge about the whole study visa application process which include documents and funds that are required to apply for the visa. They also know step by step action that the universities follow to offer the admission to a student along with writing the SOP that is needed for the university as well as the one that is needed by the embassy with the visa application.
  2. Colleges/Universities: It is significant that your visa consultant knows about all the colleges or universities that are available in different countries in various fields so that you know about all the options for a better choice of Study Visa Consultants in Chandigrah. Abroad Gateway know about the courses available in all the fields along with the best places to enroll as per the subject of choice. Also, they are aware which place offers admission letter in what amount of time as that is crucial. You should always plan for your study visa 5-6 months in advance for the intake you are interested in but in case you were not able to do that due to any reason then also this best study abroad consultant in Chandigarh will be able to get you study visa in time by suggesting you the places which provide admission letter in less time and do have the desired course, for example; Northern College in Ontario gives admission offer letter within 5-7 days or Sait College in Alberta provides admission offer letter in 7-10 days. A good consultant must be aware of such details to have great success rate.
  3. Courses that will have better opportunities: The visa consultant here knows very well about the courses that are in demand due to greater job prospects in various countries, that is why they are able to guide their client better so that the student does not face any difficulties in finding good jobs with handsome salary after completion of their course, for instance MBA or Project Management Diploma and many more.
  4. Rights of the international students: Knowing about your rights as an international student is very important to be able to survive well and excel in your education. Visa consultants in Abroad Gateway are able to tell you about that as they are aware of that, for example; as a student you have the right to work for 20 hours when the semester is running and 40 hours when there is a semester break.

Communication Channel: Many times people share that they have applied for offer letter from the university but they do not know when it will come or what is happening with their application, sometimes they get worried because they have to make payments that they have no idea about or present documents that they did not know about before. All of this happens because their study abroad consultant did not communicate clearly to them. That is why having a good communication channel is important and this should be two ways- Between the Consultant and the University/college Representative and between Consultant and study visa applicant.

Abroad Gateway is the best study abroad consultant in Chandigarh because it has very good rapport with the colleges/university representatives as they interact with them regularly which keeps them updated about the process and changes that happen time to time. Also, they are able to keep a track on the application of their client. They also keep their client informed about it so they are not clueless.

Transparency: Being transparent is one of the rare quality that you will find in study abroad consultants in Chandigarh or anywhere but it is what you want as a client. Abroad Gateway provides you this proactively. They believe that if things are clear then the client has peace of mind, thus they give all the details to their clients before the process starts, while the application is in process and when it finally completes. This keeps the customer’s faith strong in the consultant.

If you are also planning to study abroad then do not wait any longer, come and visit your own study visa consultant in Chandigarh – Abroad Gateway.

How a study Visa consultant can guide you through the application process?

If you are planning to move abroad for higher studies, you should hire a study visa consultant to speed up your visa application process. Being a study Visa consultant he can help you by giving the right guidance about the application process for a Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh.

Visa success: The success rate of a visa depends on the previous education students have done in their native country and the course they want to do in abroad. You need to create a link between your previous education and the further education you want to pursue abroad. A study visa consultant can help you by suggesting the best course according to your previous education.

With low band score in IELTS: If you have a lower band score in IELTS then with the help of study visa consultancy you to know about the list of universities which are accepting students with low band scores. Many of the students, due to guidance apply to the university which do not accept applications with low band only a study visa consultant can tell you the best university and course with which you can get the offer letter very soon. For example, the College of New Caledon provides offer letters to students with 5.5 bands.

Higher visa success rate: A study visa consultant can help you by guiding you if you have a low band score, you should apply to which university to get the visa faster. Study visa consultancy can help you by enlightening the names of universities which offer courses with low band scores. Students who have applied to those universities and get their visa very early only a study visa consultant can tell all this information with his experience.

Discount on application fee:  If you are taking Student Visa Consultancy in Chandigarh they can guide you in advance on which universities are giving how much discount on application fees, moreover they can tell you about the possibilities of the free application possibilities. Only a study visa consultant can aware you of these offers in advance so that you can benefit from them. For example, SAIT College has a $ 100 application fee but sometimes it gives a 50 % discount.

Correct time or deadline: If you hire a study visa consultancy they can guide you in advance about the deadlines of the application fee submission on which you need to submit the fees. Moreover, they will guide you about the deadlines of the courses for which you need to apply for them.

Can talk to university or college representatives: During your application process for a study visa, you have any difficulty and want to talk to the university or the college representative on your behalf as you do not know who is the honour of the college or university and do not have any contact details of them but your consultant must have all these and can talk to the representatives. Being a Study Visa Consultant is part of his daily routine.

Application process time: Different universities have different application process times so here a study visa consultant can help you by telling you which university will take how much time in the application process as some universities process applications in one week, some in two weeks or some in three weeks.

For example, in July, if you want to join in September then you should apply to the college which will give you an application in two weeks.

Number of applications already submitted: Your guide can tell you how many applications are already submitted from all over the world. In this situation, your study visa consultant can tell you at which time you should apply or you should wait. Sometimes students apply at the wrong time and might get refusal so it’s better to take the advice of the Best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh.

The visa success rate as per the percentage of the student:  In this, your visa consultant can help you by guiding you in which universities you can apply to according to the percentage you have in your latest passing examination as so many universities give admission to the students with the low percentage and some universities do not give admission with the less percentage as they have strict eligibility criteria for this.

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