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People travel overseas for various reasons, some travel to get educated, some to settle down in a new country and some to explore different places as tourist. To travel abroad for any reason, you need visa for that country and to help get that you need to consult a visa consultant as per the purpose of your visit. The Best Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh or Tourist visa consultant in Chandigarh will be able to help you out with both but it is important that you also know the difference between different types of visa.

Study Visa:

Study visa, as the name indicates is a visa that is for study. If you wish to get educated in a foreign country to have better career prospects, then it is the type of visa you need to apply for. This visa is for short duration depending upon the length of your program and rules of the country related to any internships or work permit post completing your education.

  1. To apply for this, you need a valid admission offer letter from a recognized college or university of a country clearly stating that they are happy to enroll you are a student.
  2. To get this admission offer letter you need to show some documents like your student credentials, Statement of Purpose and proof of funds available to cover the cost of education and living expenses. The university needs to be assured that you have enough money to complete your studies and survive comfortably in their country. If you fail to produce this, you do not get the admission offer. This offer is also sometimes unconditional and sometimes conditional. For conditional offer letter, you need to fulfill further conditions of the institute or college.
  3. Once you are done with this then the process for visa filing begins where your study visa consultant will help you fill the application form and attach the copies of the required documents in the correct sequence, a statement of purpose for the embassy along with the medical certificate and the biometrics.
  4. After the submission of the application for visa, you need to wait for the visa officer to go through your profile to ensure everything is fine so that he or she could offer you a visa to study in their country. They might take your interview as well to assured that you are the deserving person. You are informed through the email first that it is accepted and later you receive your passport through mail with confirmation.
  5. Till the time you have a valid student visa, you have the right to work for some hours to earn to cover your living expenses, mostly you can work for 40 hours in your semester break and 20 hours when you have to attend your classes during semester time. You can also apply for work permit after completion of your course if your student visa is still valid.

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Tourist Visa

When you wish to go to a country as a tourist, you apply for the tourist visa. This is a very simple definition of this term but it is not that simple. There are two types of tourist visas; one is called the Tourist Visa Consultant in Chandigarh and the other is called Visitor visa. Although they sound similar, there are some key differences between them.

Tourist Visa

  1. This visa is for the person who wants to go overseas to visit but does not have any sponsor in that country.
  2. In such case you need to show funds to cover your expenses (usually 6-7 lakhs Indian Rupees) along with your flights details, hotel bookings and the complete itinerary if you will be visiting different places during your stay as the authorities need to have details of your whereabouts when you are in their nation.
  3. This visa is usually for short duration which is mostly 6 months. You can also have it for 10 years or till the validity of your passport which is called the Multiple Entry Visa. However, it will be for 6 months only if it is a Single Entry Visa.

Visitor Visa

  1. This type of tourist visa is for people who have someone in the destination country sponsoring their visit. In such case you are going to that country to visit somebody staying there or to attend any occasion.
  2. As you have a sponsor here, you do not need to show any proof of funds to cover your expenses or any other details for your stay unlike the Tourist Visa with no sponsor.
  3. This type of visa is generally for the long duration with multiple entries permission till the validity of the passport. However, a person has to leave the country before completing 6 months of continuous stay and then again enter which will be counted as a second entry.

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